Below we have ranked the best online poker rooms for Mac poker players.Best Mac Poker Sites January 2018 - Rankings of the top online poker sites for Mac players. Find Mac-compatible and no-download poker software.When online poker first developed in the late 1990s, there was no way to play poker on a mac.If you want to use iChat or other Mac programs while playing online poker on a Windows-only site, then you can do that with an emulator.

The other downside is that the software performs just a slight bit slower than the native Windows client.Nonetheless, PokerStars has a world-class software development shop and they tested their poker site for Mac in beta for around a year before releasing it as a production-quality stable client.If you have a relatively recent Mac then you already have Java installed the first time you boot up your computer.Ways to Play Poker on a Mac - Alternative Non-USA Mac Poker Sites.Releases of award-winning computers such as the iMac, MacBook, MacBookPro and many others coincided with the development of the ground-breaking OS X operating system.

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Because Bodog cash games are notoriously easy to win in, you can play one table on Bodog on your mac while also playing on a table or two on a site like Full Tilt Poker or Party Poker.Due to incredible development in Mac hardware and software along with general failures at Microsoft and PC vendors, many users migrated over to Mac computers.

Play at February 2018's Best Online Poker Sites Compare 125+ Features of. UK and Australia players as well as Mac. One free online poker site that lets.For years, the soft sportsbettor-filled tables at Bodog were closed off from the mac poker-playing community.Bootcamp works like everything else on your Mac - which is to say, it works great.Want to find the Best Online Poker Sites but don't. Mac Poker Sites. This is something we consider when reviewing online poker sites. How Does an Online Poker.

Once you load up in Windows for the first time, you just need to insert the OS X disc that came with your Mac and Bootcamp will install all of the drivers for your Mac.

Third, you can install Windows on your computer using Bootcamp, Parallels, VMWare Fusion some similar software.The second option is to install a Windows emulation program like Parallels or VMWare Fusion.Early sites like Planet Poker, Paradise Poker and others were Windows-only.

Bootcamp makes a partition in your hard drive, then you just put in your Windows CD and it takes it from there.Except for those who decide to install Windows on their Apple hardware, there was no way to get into a game on Bodog.

In fact, the Apple company as a whole was on the verge of failure during the early days of online poker.

The one caveat is that you must use the OS X CD that came with your computer.They have three times more traffic than any other poker site which is, to say the least, total domination.The downside is that, because emulators run on top of OS X, they consume many more resources and they run slower than a native version of Windows.These programs run Windows right inside OS X somewhat like any other application would.Online poker sites that support Mac or Macintosh poker emulation, as well as listing the best Mac poker bonuses and bonus codes.Find list of top 10 online poker sites for 2018. Don't play poker online until you have checked out our listing of the top ten online poker sites.